Yoga Class

Don't forget! Our weekly free yoga class is in the clubhouse tonight at 6:00pm with Rachel, our professional yoga instructor, has decades of experience and can accommodate any skill level so all levels are welcome! Never tried it before? Now is your chance!!! This is all about Rachel:Greetings to the Avaria of Santa Fe Community!

My name is Rachel Manera and I am the yoga instructor leading Go Softly, a gentle yoga class available in your wellness center every Wednesday evening between 6-7pm. In each class we will release the day’s activities and take a journey inward to our physical temple. As we establish a connection to our breath, our mind calms and allows the breath to rhythmically express throughout each movement. The pace is a meditation nourishing every cell, organ, joint and muscle. Towards the end of class we will experience a deep relaxation to integrate the work we have done and to prepare our temple of treasures for a good night of rejuvenation and sleep.

Please avoid eating heavily within two hours before class, arrive a few minutes early to settle in and bring your mat, water bottle, and any props necessary to your personal yoga practice.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!